Child Protection Policy

The objectives of the policy are

  1. * Provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment for our children and youth,
  2. * Protect volunteers and paid staff from false allegations of abuse,
  3. * Provide prompt and compassionate response to allegations of abuse,
  4. * Protect the church from unfavorable publicity and legal action.

Our Commitment to Children's Safety
At First Presbyterian Church, we are committed to providing a safe environment-- a sanctuary--for children, youth and our entire congregation.  In Feb 2008, the session approved a Child Protection Policy.  This entire policy is available upon request from the church office.

Highlights of the policy include

* Criminal Background Checks and sex-offender screens are conducted on all volunteers and staff who minister with children.

* Motor Vehicle Records are checked on staff/volunteers who transport children and/or youth to or from activities.

* "2-adult" rule during classroom programs. 

all volunteers must be members of the church for at least 6 months.

forms and screens are updated every 3 years.   

Child Protection Policy Form
We have partnered with Protect My Ministry to conduct these screens and to maintain reports. To begin completing the online forms and authorization, click here.  Thank you!

To learn more about Protect My Ministry, click here.